When it was founded in 1973, the mission of RACE (Regroupement des artistes des Cantons-de-l’Est) was to promote the work of its members and to introduce contemporary art to people living in the Eastern Townships region. In 1988 RACE became a member of the RCAAQ (Regroupement des centres d’artistes autogérés du Québec) with the mandate of promoting contemporary and innovative practices in the visual arts. In 1996 the organisation acquired a building and created an exhibition space, the HORACE gallery. Since that time, the evolution of contemporary art practices has encouraged the circulation of disciplines and artists employ various means for disseminating their work. Artists feel less need to band together; they travel and circulate their work themselves by means of new, accessible structures. The development of residencies and networks is a product of these transformations and has given new impetus to artistic creation while at the same time reinforcing the role of the artist. The increasingly mobile artist’s studio often migrates towards a residency away from home or to the centre exhibiting their work.



Sporobole is an artist-run centre which acts as a catalyst for artistic enquiry and creation through encounters between artistic practices and fields of knowledge in the digital age.

By means of a flexible, inclusive and collaborative approach, the centre supports innovative projects and risk-taking at every step of the artistic process, from the development of concepts to enquiry, production and dissemination.

This integrated context gives rise to encounters between different communities by breaking down the barriers between forms of knowledge. In this way, Sporobole reaffirms the role of artists and their work in contemporary society.



Team and board of directors



Sporobole is an artist-run centre located in the middle of the city of Sherbrooke, at the confluence of the St. Francis and Magog rivers in the heart of the Estrie administrative region.

General regulations