Nicola Giannini

01.06 — 14.06 / 2020

Vernissage –

Graduating from the University of Montréal with a master’s degree in composition and sound creation, Nicola Giannini was offered a two-week artist residency at Sporobole centre en art actuel.

01.06 – 14.06/2020

// Rebounds //

Rebounds is an acousmatic piece, composed for the sound diffusion device in the window of  Sporobole. The work is inspired by the concept of rebound and the protagonists will be ball recordings from different sports. The type of material and the diffusion device make it possible to create a spatial musical choreography: a set of sound geometries among the sixteen available speakers. The intention is to explore the area around the Sporobole’s building with impulsive sounds, taking inspiration from the way in which digital models of space reverberation can be achieved, that is through the recording of impulse responses. The work is a tribute to Vespers from Alvin Lucier.

– Nicola Giannini


Nicola Giannini is a Montreal-based sound artist and electroacoustic music composer. His practice focuses on immersive, acoustic or live music. He is interested in sounds that refer to physical materials and living organisms. His works have been presented at the Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium (TIES), Cube Fest, ICMC, Nycemf (USA), TEDxLondon, Sound-Image Colloquium (UK), Sound Spaces (Sweden), File Festival (Brazil), Museo Palazzo Strozzi, Audior, Tempo Reale (Italy), among others. His play Eyes Draw Circles of Light received first prize in the 2019 Jeu de Temps / Times Play (JTTP) competition, organized by the Canadian Electroacoustic Community, and an Mention of Honour in the 2019 Fundación Destellos Competition. His piece For Hannah was chosen as a finalist in the international composition competition Città di Udine 2018. Originally from Italy, Nicola holds a master’s degree in electroacoustic composition from the Florence Conservatory. He is a doctoral student at the Université de Montréal under the supervision of Robert Normandeau and is currently a research assistant at the Space Immersion Research Group.