CEM – Achicoutimatique – 2020



— / 2020


The Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale (Saguenay), in collaboration with the artist-run center Sporobole (Sherbrooke), offered a research and creation residency in acousmatic and mixed music to four composers from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, under the patronage of two renowned artists in the field: Louis Dufort and Sylvain Pohu. The works created for this project are designed for immersive listening in a multiphonic installation, i.e. a system of at least eight loudspeakers disposed around the audience. Sara Létourneau, Stéphane Beaulieu, Charles Côté and Sola Nkani each had the opportunity to spend a full week in Sporobole’s studio lab to explore compositional possibilities that go beyond music as traditionally envisioned (melody, rhythm, harmony) and leave more room for sound poetry. Finally, these creators from Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and their Montreal mentors will present the results of their research during an event at Sporobole. 

Louis Dufort

Louis Dufort is a Montreal composer. His productions are numerous and of multiple genres: fixed medium, mixed media with live processing, music video and installation. He has been commissioned by various music ensembles and organizations: ACREQ, SMCQ, Réseaux, Chants libres, Codes d’accès, ECM+, Quasar, Quatuor Bozzini, Sixtrum, Radio-Canada and the ZKM (Germany). He is also a regular collaborator of the Compagnie Marie Chouinard since 1996. In addition to his work as a creator, Louis Dufort teaches composition at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal and is the artistic director of the Akousma festival.



Sylvain Pohu

For more than 20 years, Sylvain Pohu has been active on the Montreal and international music scene as a composer and guitarist. He obtained a Doctorate in composition at the Université de Montréal in 2014. His work as a composer reveals a strong attraction for distortion, saturation, chaos and noise. He practices improvisation as a soloist and as part of various ensembles of all kinds, notably with [iks] from 1999 to 2015. In addition to his artistic activities, he is responsible for the production of the live@cirmmt concert series at the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche en Musique, Médias et Technologie (CIRMMT) at McGill University.



Charles Côté

Charles Côté has a Bachelor’s degree in instrumental composition from the Université de Montréal and a Master’s degree from the Schulich School of Music at McGill University. He has created original works for several musical ensembles including Sixtrum and Paramirabo, as well as the soundtrack for several short films. Upon returning to his native region, Charles reconnected with the land by working on the Merci la Terre family farm in Métabechouan



Sara Létourneau

Sara Létourneau is a multidisciplinary artist who works in visual arts, music, performance art, video and theater. Her practice is characterized by her hybridity and frequent collaborations with other artists. She has participated in numerous theatrical projects as an actress, set designer or performer. She released an album in 2017 with Stellaire, a performative electro-folk music group. She has presented her actions in performance art in more than forty events in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.



Sola Nkani

Sola Nkani is a multidisciplinary artist from Alma.  She holds a master’s degree in classical voice interpretation from the Université de Montréal, as well as a bachelor’s degree in teaching from Ottawa University.  She has lent her voice to various musical projects in classical, pop and jazz, notably for the Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir, Rafaël Zaldivar, Guillaume Tremblay, Sheenah Ko and Marc-Antoine Larche.  Composer, lyricist and producer, her first mini album Berceuses, 100% vocal, was released in 2018. 



Stéphane Beaulieu

A versatile and daring musician, Stéphane Beaulieu holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from Université Laval. He approaches various horizons of improvisational music, both in his personal and professional approach. He has been seen as a bass player in various rock, jazz, heavy metal and pop bands.  His eclectic tastes translate into colorful creations as can be heard in Afonlakes, a 100% self-produced avant-garde heavy metal project.