In the Air

28.09 — 26.10 / 2018

Interactive and generative installation project for Sporobole

/ The project

Tune the music to its context.

Using a program that extracts weather data from Sherbrooke, the generated music finds its parameters (duration, pitch, intensity, timbre, etc…) modified by the weather parameters: a kind of mapping coming from the air.

Another parameter that changes the music is the time: the progress of the day presents different scenes that are the canvas on which the parameters drawn from the air come to influence. So a storm in the morning will make the sound window sound differently than a storm at nightfall, just as a sunny morning should sound differently than a sunny late afternoon. In the same way, music could very well see itself changed if it evolves during a weekday or a weekend day.

The nature of sounds is both microphonic sounds, even anecdotal, and electronic sounds. I seek this alliance, in addition to the correlation between music and weather / time, in order to give a more human character to a music which, like us, undergoes the vagaries of the day, the weather and time which passes by.

The goal is really to create an installation offering a music in accordance with the direct environment, its precise context. In addition to the conceptual side of this installation, I would like to engage the surrounding population, perhaps making them want to come and listen to the music on a particularly hot, particularly cold, particularly humid day, or during a storm.

– Kevin Gironnay

/ Biography

Born in 1989, living in Montreal. Kevin Gironnay creates acousmatic and mixed music, produces music for installations, videos and dance, and performs in solo and collaborative improvised music projects.

His work focuses on taming chaotic elements to make them become music, using concrete and/or conceptual processes. Hence his love for improvisation. His music is tinged with his interest in shaping musical ideas in the fields of micro and macro-form. Hence his love of composition. Sound engineer and radio art lover, his relationship with sound as an artistic medium is a happy marriage, always filled with strong passions and daily dazzling. Sound is the main material of his work, and musicality his artistic objective.

Completing his master’s degree in composition under the direction of Nicolas Bernier, he was also influenced by the teachings of Christine Groult, Horacio Vaggione, Denis Dufour, Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, Lorenzo Bianchi and Giacomo Platini. His music has been performed in Canada, China, the United States, and throughout Europe. His work as a composer is supported by the Ensemble de Musique Intéractive (EMI). He is an active member, since 2012, of the collective Unmapped, dedicated to electroacoustic improvisation. In 2016, he founded the Ensemble ILÉA, a mixed improvisation group combining acoustic and electronic instruments.

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