International Residency (France)


International Residency (France)

01.09 — 30.11 / 2015

Sporobole is proud to host French artist Julien Poidevin for a three-month residency. This residency is made possible by a partnership between CALQ (Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec) and Institut Français.

In the context of the artist residency, Julien has installed a weather station on Sporobole’s roof that captures environmental data (wind, light). This data is then used and translated to activate two installations that echo each other.

The first proposition is a sound environment located outdoors, through Sporobole’s Sound Window diffusion system. All day, sound will be modulated, mixed and will “move”, to reflect the climate and its subtle variations.

The second proposition comprises a space that is modified by a sculptural installation made out of suspended metal tubes that are activated and resonate acoustically, thus creating sound shapes that shift according to wind velocity.


Julien Poidevin studied at École Supérieure d’Arts Plastiques et Visuels de Mons (ESAPV / section IDM) , Intermedia artist, he creates devices questioning the relations between the body and the territory, using different modes of expression.

His creations explore and question our relationship to space and our perceptions. He works in a rhizomatic manner, developing complementary projects about soundscapes (Geosonic Mix, sound walks), interactions within or outside of the urban territory (City Score), synesthetic environments soliciting the body (Vibrating body, Inner Sounds, Dôme), acoustic games as markers (Diapason), bodies (Symp/tone), intermedia installations comprised of audiovisual immersive devices (Xipe totec, Les bruits du monde), performances with multiple partners, visual graphic objects (partitions graphiques) or moving objects (Crossing Waves).

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