Katharina Anna Loidl


Katharina Anna Loidl

International residency

06.01 — 12.03 / 2015

Spatial issues, territorial tensions, irritations of everyday life and a skepticism of apparent realities are the topics of her conceptional working method. Photography, video and sculpture, proposing a closed system of visual and poetic interconnectivity are constituting a suggestive narrative through formal, aesthetic, and conceptual associations. A photographic assemblage of urban and natural landscapes will serve as starting material for three-dimensional sculptures that will deal with a fractal design language with a reinterpretation of space and shape.


Artist and studio-apartment residency exchanges between Québec and Upper Austria

Given the importance the Québec government accords to creating lasting cultural ties with Upper Austria, in 2014 the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) concluded a two-year partnership agreement with the State Government of Upper Austria to create an exchange program of studio-apartments and studios for creation and resourcing for the visual and digital arts. These residencies are intended to promote the creation of durable bonds and the cross fertilization of approaches between artists from Québec and Upper Austria, thus fostering their artistic development.

In the context of this exchange, a Québec artist can reside for a two-month sojourn in one of the nine studios included in the Atelierhaus Salzamt international artists residency space in the City of Linz and an artist from Upper Austria can take advantage of a creation residency of the same duration at the SPOROBOLE centre, in Sherbrooke.




Photographs  Katharina Loidl



Katharina Anna Loidl studied Fine Arts and Cultural Studies in Linz. Outgoing from her homebase Linz (AT), she was working on art projects in Berlin (DE), United States (North-East), Marseille (FR), Alger (DZ), Sedjisfördyr (IS) and Yogyakarta (ID).

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