11.09 — 29.10 / 2018

It is with great pleasure that Sporobole is hosting Austrian artist Richard Eigner, from Septembre 11th to Octobre 29th 2018.

16 channel acousmatic denoising

During the stay at Sporobole I intend to work on a multichannel acousmatic composition dealing with various denoised Field Recordings of Sherbrooke and surroundings.

Denoising Field Recordings documents an early attempt at using denoising-techniques in a creative and compositional manner. Instead of using noise-reduction-algorithms for their intended purpose (the restoration of damaged audio signals), these processes are applied to various field recordings of trains, streets, swimming halls and public transport. Due to the fact that these recordings consist entirely of noises, this operation transforms the originals into an uncanny hybrid of newly introduced processing artefacts, occasional silence and sporadically audible traces of the original field recordings.

What kind of sound-aesthetics can emerge while denoising field recordings? Which audible parameters are able to resist this audio-erasement-process ? How are these traces comparable to the visual remanences of Robert Rauschenberg’s erasure of a de Kooning drawing?

Denoising Noise Music applies audio restoration processes to various noise-music-compositions from early Luigi Russolo and Pierre Henry pieces, to contemporary works of Merzbow and Fennesz. Due to the fact that in the majority of cases, noise-music lacks traditional musical structures such as harmony and melody, this operation erases the original compositions, except for a few sporadically audible traces.

Richard Eigner



Artist and studio-apartment residency exchanges between Québec and Upper Austria

Given the importance the Québec government accords to creating lasting cultural ties with Upper Austria, in 2014 the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) concluded a two-year partnership agreement with the State Government of Upper Austria to create an exchange program of studio-apartments and studios for creation and resourcing for the visual and digital arts. These residencies are intended to promote the creation of durable bonds and the cross fertilization of approaches between artists from Québec and Upper Austria, thus fostering their artistic development.

In the context of this exchange, a Québec artist can reside for a two-month sojourn in one of the nine studios included in the Atelierhaus Salzamt international artists residency space in the City of Linz and an artist from Upper Austria can take advantage of a creation residency of the same duration at the SPOROBOLE centre, in Sherbrooke.




Richard Eigner is a composer, sound artist, producer and drummer residing in Vienna and Linz, Austria. In his music he is crossing the borders of experimental acoustic music, minimalism and electronica with a focus on the symbiotic use of acoustic elements and electronically produced and processed sounds. Strenuous with numerous sonorous projects he is kept busy with his playful musical project Ritornell, the setup of Denoising installations, or drumming for the likes of Patrick Wolf, Flying Lotus, Dimlite and Patrick Pulsinger.