Emile Morin – Art-Science Residency 2016-2017


Émile Morin

Art-Science Residency

01.09 — 01.07 / 2016-2017

It’s with great enthusiasm that Sporobole welcomes artist Émile Morin in the context of the 2016-2017 art-science residency. The artist will be working with Professor Patrice Masson and Research Professional Nicolas Quaegebeur of the Groupe d’acoustique de l’Université de Sherbrooke (GAUS).

Émile Morin’s work is one of perpetual pursuit of complex systems that emerge from the interaction of diverse codes by interweaving devices that were previously foreign to each other. His artwork employs, among other things, the disruption of perceptual processes; the use of automation algorithms; the elaboration, through interlacing practices, of a restatement of the world’s complexity.

Émile Morin is interested in the artworks’ architectonics, bringing to light the close imbrication of certain works with their devices (conceptual or technological). More than a simple mechanical understanding of the works, he assumes an interest towards the functionalities of the devices therein in order to reveal the operational modes that are then inscribed as new languages that must be studied prior to their translation and transposition.

This is the strategy that the artist will implement during the art-science residency. It delimits the foundation of his collaboration with the scientists of GAUS (Groupe d’acoustique de l’Université de Sherbrooke, through prior discovery of the area of research of the scientists, its codes, its procedures and the nature of the potential chemistry.

Although this knowledge sharing will determine the conditions of this joint research, preconception of its finality must be delayed. Emile Morin is searching, as in all of this creative work, for complex systems, unprecedented and unpredictable, while attempting to trace the operational modes of the scientists’ devices; to track acoustic anomalies; to imagine their possible diversion; to render intangible ultrasounds visible; to sonify space as it has never been seen before…


Émile Morin is an independent artist based in Québec. His numerous installations and scenic artworks have been presented in Europe, in Australia, in the United States of America and in Canada. Several examples: Châtelet de Paris (France), Tesla of Berlin (Germany), BEAP Festival (Perth, Australia), Banff Centre and at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Canada).

His professional trajectory is comprised of an uninterrupted artistic practice and the management of several artistic institutions recognized for their originality: Recto Verso and its festival Mois Multi, as well as Avatar, an association for sound creation. Developing critical thinking within pioneer creative groups has fostered thorough knowledge of multidisciplinary creation and digital art (in practice and in theory). He has developed innovative and creative strategies, as well as unprecedented technical devices. Furthermore, he has collaborated to several national and international events, as well as governmental structures, as consultant and thinker, in order to analyze, understand and define the parameters of new axes of creation, whether it be in digital or multidisciplinary art.

Based on what he calls “the aesthetics of complexity”, his work calls upon and juxtaposes several disciplines in order to elaborate installation, scenic spaces, immersive artworks and “dramatic” constructions. The multidisciplinary characteristic of his works reveals its uniqueness in its systematic use of a multitude of mechanical devices that reproduce or deflects effects and phenomenas, as well as movements of nature or the primary function of objects themselves.

The conception of sound and visual devices provokes and modifies the spectators’ perception modes and their spatial comprehension. For many years, Émile Morin has been making intensive use, with a critical stance, of digital technologies.

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