Linda Duvall et Peter Kingstone


Linda Duvall et Peter Kingstone

Living in 10 Easy Lessons

07.11 — 08.12 / 2013

© Living in 10 Easy Lessons (image vidéo), 2012

Vernissage 7 November 2013 – 17h

Living in 10 Easy Lessons

Living in 10 Easy Lessons is the title of a video project by the artists Linda Duvall and Peter Kingstone, who collaborated on a series of interviews with street-involved women. Using a minimalist and sensitive documentary approach, the two artists shot, in black and white, a series of encounters in a neutral, uncontrived space. This is where these women conveyed to Linda Duvall or Peter Kingstone ten skills they had learned on the ground over time. Point by point, they indicate what you must and must not do; for example, sell drugs, simulate a sexual act, solicit money or dodge a threat. For most of these women, acquiring these skills is a question of survival.

The installation Living in 10 Easy Lessons, which also includes photographic prints and a booklet, gives rise to an ambiguous feeling on several levels. In the first place through the reversal of values that occurs in it, as the skills taught are usually hidden, secret and seen as taboo. Authority is also destabilised, because here the normally marginalised subject becomes the instructor. Through this project, the artists seek to break with the institutionalised model which distinguishes between those who dispense knowledge and those who receive it, confronting us with our prejudices. The project also poses the question of the various forms that the documentary approach can take in an artistic practice which maintains ties with sociology. As Cheyanne Turions, an independent curator who has written on this video project, has remarked, when we watch this work it becomes our responsibility to participate in this necessary change of social paradigm in order to acknowledge the vulnerability that these women reveal.



Artist Linda Duvall presents within gallery contexts, on the web and within public communities. She has completed degrees in Sociology and English (Carleton University) and Visual Arts (OCADU and University of Michigan). She is currently a Professional Affiliate at the University of Saskatchewan. Duvall has exhibited both locally and internationally, including solo exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Dunlop Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Museo Nacional de Arte Moderno in Guatemala City, Box Hotel Gallery in Barcelona, Thunder Bay Art Gallery and TPW Toronto. She has participated in various public art events including CAFKA Kitchener, Nuit Blanche Toronto and Future Cities Hamilton.

Peter Kingstone holds a Philosophy/Cultural Studies Degree from Trent University in Peterborough, and a Masters of Fine Arts from York University, Toronto. His work has been shown across Canada and throughout the United States. He is interested in looking at the construction of narrative and who gets to tell the story. He won the Untitled Artist Award in 2005 for his installation The Strange Case of Peter K. (1974-2004).  He has been awarded grants from Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts. The current show, Living in 10 Easy Lessons (with Linda Duvall) has shown in Toronto, Shanghai and Montreal.