Jean-Pierre Aubé / Patrick Beaulieu



Géopolitique de l'infini

19.01 — 04.03 / 2012

© Jean-Pierre Aubé, image tirée du projet Exoplanètes, 2011

Vernissage 19 January 2012 – 17h

Geopolitics of infinity: Jean-Pierre Aubé and Patrick Beaulieu

The works of Jean-Pierre Aubé and Patrick Beaulieu gathered for the exhibition question our relationship to nature, space and the world. With Photo-synthesis (2004), Jean-Pierre Aubé makes sensitive the minute variations in luminosity in a given place while his new project shows and hears the elusive presence of Exoplanets (2011) located outside our solar system. Patrick Beaulieu’s Ventury (2010-2011) project tells the story of a transboundary odyssey in pursuit of the winds of America, while its installation, Battements (2007-2011), features a migratory bird feather subjected to movement and lighting that transform the state of matter. Intrinsically linked to the question of landscape, these unpublished projects establish a relationship with space marked by immensity and the elusive, which opens a breach of infinity. They formulate a geopolitics that focuses on the space between and above things.

A joint understanding of the artistic practices of these two artists makes it possible to establish several connections between their approaches. The attention given to the exploration of natural phenomena, based on the extraction or capture of elements from the landscape; the articulation of their works around the notions of movement, circulation, wave, flow, frequency, beat, interval, rhythm, density, saturation and circularity; the emphasis placed by their approaches on the process as a constituent element of the work; their shared interest in invisible or elusive circulations, here are some of these reasons that in turn suggest the interest of their dialogue.

While Patrick Beaulieu’s works seek to create a “contemplative vertigo”, the images and sound waves of Jean-Pierre Aubé’s installations generate a kind of perpetual crackling that unfolds its bewitching character. This aspect of the artists’ work evokes the poetry of the idea of infinity: would we look at the works of Jean-Pierre Aubé and Patrick Beaulieu as we would at a starry sky or a flight of birds, with an ever-changing fascination?
Véronique Leblanc, Curator.

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Crédit photo : Jocelyn Riendeau


Inspired by the observation of immediate and distant environments, Jean-Pierre Aubé’s works are based on the recording of natural phenomena or data concerning them using tools he develops himself (receivers, antennas). Aiming to capture invisible phenomena, this collection is then accompanied by technological manipulations, which are based on the processing, interpretation and transformation of complex data into visual and sound content.

Attentive to the invisible currents that punctuate the lives of people around the globe, Patrick Beaulieu makes various journeys through which he reveals, through installations, videos and interventions in situ / in socius, the least evanescent marks of an experience: a crossing, a self-testing experience. These works express a whole through details: the journey and crossing of borders are contained in a migratory bird’s feather and that of a tree in the rustle of its leaves in the wind.

Curator, author and lecturer in art history, Véronique Leblanc is interested in procedural, contextual and relational practices as well as the links that are forged between art, ethics and politics. In 2010, she was co-curator with Louise Déry of the Artur Zmijewski exhibition. Dissent scenarios at the Galerie de l’UQAM. She has just won first prize in the third edition of the Canadian Art Foundation Writing Prize.