Alexis Bellavance


16.01 — 22.02 / 2015

Vernissage 16 January 2015 – 17 h

Erratiques is a metaphor about time, space, slowness, silence. Composed of a large inflated shape made out of glassy Mylar, the imposing installation draws the viewer into a state of observation and reflection shifting between the small and the immense. Rippling light effects and glassy waves incite the viewer to consider duration, trajectories and scale variations perhaps demonstrating their preponderance on the perception of materiality and presence. The title evokes an observable phenomenon, which occurs in the Montérégie fields, where often enormous rocks were displaced for thousands of years by glaciers. Mere pebbles on the glacier scale, these rocks are called Erratics. Their immense shape provides an improbable contrast between slow and rapid, depending on our perspective.

In collaboration with artist Martine Lauzier, an audio artwork will be created specifically for the 16-channel Sound Window at Sporobole. This audio installation will engage pedestrians as they travel, from one loudspeaker to the next, along Albert Street. With multiple recordings, the artists wish to “transport” Sporobole’s indoors’ sound density to the outdoors and encourage listeners to walk, pursue the sounds and enter the proposed sound spaces.


Photographs: Tanya St-Pierre


/// Alexis Bellavance and Martine Lauzier discuss their collaborative project for Sound Window (in French) from Sporobole on Vimeo.


The multidisciplinary artist Alexis Bellavance addresses themes in which his ideas mingle with silence, noises, his observations of time, his reliefs and the echoes he creates. He carries out his explorations in various artistic practices: sound art, photography, performance, installation. Co-founder of the VIVA! Art action performance festival, active member of the organisation Perte de Signal and co-founder with Nicolas Bernier and Érick D’Orion of the BOLD sound art ensemble, he regularly presents his work at home and abroad, in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

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