Couturier Lafargue


Louis Couturier & Jacky Georges Lafargue

Asbestos Storm

13.03 — 27.04 / 2014

© Louis Couturier & Jacky Georges Lafargue

Vernissage 13 March 2014 – 5 PM

Asbestos Storm

For more than a century, the miners of Asbestos excavated a huge asbestos mine. Paradoxically, this gigantic “hole” gobbled up entire sections of the town as it grew. LC and JGL examined the open-pit mine by staying there for four days and three nights, in a trailer right at the bottom of the pit. Their approach to this crater – two kilometres wide and 370 metres deep – took the form of total immersion, living in and exploring an outsize environment to produce never before seen images. Today, the depth of the pit captured in these images has been reduced by rising water levels since the mine was put out of service soon after the artists’ intervention.

Asbestos Storm brings out the singular qualities of this mining excavation. Its cumulative effect is to prompt reflection on the effects of our society’s industrial choices and to underscore the heritage quality of this definitive transformation of the environment of the town of Asbestos.

Publicity stills with an obsolete pro-asbestos message, a “video snowstorm” and photographs of the immense pit make up the three parts of the installation by the duo Couturier-Lafargue entitled Asbestos Storm.

This project received funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and support from the Jeffrey mine and the town of Asbestos.


/// Louis Couturier et Jacky Georges Lafargue /// Presentation d’exposition Asbestos Storm from Sporobole on Vimeo.


Louis Couturier and Jacky Georges Lafargue having been working as a duo since 1991 in France and Quebec, seeking the right form for their works out of the images they record and materials they find in isolated or unusual places. Their approach is the following: range over the environment by foot, photograph and film it, meet women and men, create singular and special moments. They develop visual and reflexive content of various kinds: video and photography installations, multidisciplinary sculpture, photographs and drawings on paper.

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