Catherine Préfontaine


Catherine Préfontaine

Postillons / Intempéries...

17.01 — 03.03 / 2013

© Catherine Préfontaine

Vernissage 17 January 2013 – 17h

Postillons/Intempéries du langage*

*”Spraying saliva is the inclement weather of language” – Jules Renard

Catherine Préfontaine creates visual schemas of non-visual natural phenomena. Through the implied filter of the body as barrier and receptacle she plumbs the entire human body as it runs up against the world‚ a sensory overflow.

Préfontaine proceeds by scraping, perforating and recovering walls. Improvisation is her preferred strategy for exploring corporeal memories and physical and emotional states. For the past year she has repeatedly created holes in the walls of her studio. The groups of holes that have emerged through this process made her think of sprays of saliva (postillons) and the holes in the dial of old telephones.

In preparation for this exhibition at Sporobole, she photographed and created multiple transparencies of them. In the gallery, she exhibits them alongside drawings. The resulting constellations circumscribe and punctuate the room like a body shot through with holes.

The installation Postillons/Intempéries du langage shows the artist engaging through the practice of drawing with an in situ work. The space is treated like a recording of sensorial perceptions. The installation may be seen as an amplified field of the tormented clamour of a deafened world.

C.P., K.T.

The artist thanks Karen Trask and Myriam Yates.


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Sporobole invites you to the Catherine Préfontaine artist presentation, Saturday March 2 2013 from 13h30 to 14h30


Photo credit: Jocelyn Riendeau


Catherine Préfontaine was born in Montreal and completed a bachelor‚ a degree in visual arts at Concordia University in 1997 with a major in painting and drawing and a minor in photography. She then obtained a master, a degree in visual and media arts at UQAM in 2003, where she focused on drawing in the form of an installation or an in situ work. Her work has been shown in several solo and group exhibitions in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada since 1994 (Axe Néo 7, Dare-Dare, Galerie Sylviane Poirier, PLATFORM CENTRE FOR PHOTOGRAPHIC + DIGITAL ARTS (Floating Gallery, Winnipeg). She lives in Montreal and divides her time between teaching and artistic creation.