Your Idea of White Disaster


Your Idea of White Disaster

06.03 — 07.03 / 2015

2 p.m.

Share your impressions of winter!
March 6 and 7m 2015
From 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.


Meet Austrian artist Katharina Anna Loidl, artist-in-residence at Sporobole in the context of the studio exchange between Quebec and Upper-Austria (CALQ).

Katharina would love to meet you and discuss your experience of winter. Bring along images, photographs or other material. Interviews and photographs of the participants will be part of Katharina’s post-residence production. You can contact the artist at


Katharina Anna Loidl studied Fine Arts and Cultural Studies in Linz. Outgoing from her homebase Linz (AT), she was working on art projects in Berlin (DE), United States (North-East), Marseille (FR), Alger (DZ), Sedjisfördyr (IS) and Yogyakarta (ID).