Torche! Xavier Charles / Éric Normand / Philippe Lauzier


Experimental Music

17.05 — / 2016

8 p.m.

Torche! Sparkling soundings. Melting of metals is obtained by the heat energy released by an electric arc (improvisation?) that erupts in an atmosphere of protection between a consumable electrode and the parts to be assembled. Making raw materials alloys will require it heats more then the Well-Tempered Clavier.


On stage, here are 3 of the most singular improvisers from Europe and Quebec. French clarinetist Xavier Charles and Philippe Lauzier are revolutionaries on their instruments, exploiting all the noisy and expressive potential, in a total commitment to improvisation. Normand, for his part, is a leading figure of improvised music in Quebec, developing a radical language based on electric bass. With the same sense of invention, they all frequent the most varied music, electro-acoutistic, minimalist jazz or punk. Borrowing from all the music of today, they are distinguished by their attention to the richness of the sounds and the depth of the atmospheres.


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