Meet artists-in-residence Julien Poidevin and Rainer Gasmjaeger


Meet the artists

26.11 — / 2015

5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

You are invited to a 5 à 7 with artists Julien Poidevin and Rainer Gasmjaeger
on November 26

Exhibition November 24 to 28


Sporobole is happy to invite you to a 5 à 7 in honour of artists-in-residence Julien Poidevin and Rainer Gamsjaeger.

In the context of the artist residency, French artist Julien has installed a weather station on Sporobole’s roof that captures environmental data (wind, light). This data is then used and translated to activate two installations that echo each other. The first proposition is a sound environment located outdoors, through Sporobole’s Sound Window diffusion system. All day, sound will be modulated, mixed and will “move”, to reflect the climate and its subtle variations. The second proposition comprises a space that is modified by a sculptural installation made out of suspended metal tubes that are activated and resonate acoustically, thus creating sound shapes that shift according to wind velocity.

From Austria, Rainer has been at Sporobole for the last two months. He has explored the region to capture moving images with the help of a remote-controlled filmic device he has created. This device allows the artist to record apparently artificial landscapes that are the result of complex reconstruction of reality.