May 24th / Performances / Short text Festival


Zoom Zum L'Ô lu si de LÀ OUFF!

24.05 — 24.05 / 2019

7 pm

May 24th, 7pm


Zoom Zum L’Ô lu si de LÀ OUFF!

In collaboration with La Maison des arts de la parole, as part of their short text festival, a series of performances that connect text, body and voice.


Hélène Matte, honorary member of the Free University of Saint-Jambe, puts oral poetry in the abyss by coming to speak about the expert in the field: Paul Zumthor. Sextine, juggling, video poetry and vocal cords greet this late Quebec pataphysicist, who is in charge of the “language stripping chair”.

An indisciplinary poet and cultural worker for more than twenty years in Quebec City, Hélène Matte is a free spirit wearing many hats: writer, curator and mediator, performer and visual artist, mother and citizen. His practice involves the notions of voice, encounter and art-action. It has held exhibitions and performances elsewhere in the world, but also acts at the local level where it initiates projects that bring people together, such as Apprentice Poets! (2014) and Vies de Quartier (2016). Hélène has directed or produced numerous videopoeias, including Rebote, presented at the Semaine de la Critique at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. In 2019, it disseminated the multidisciplinary project ZumTrobaR. (photo. credits: Jean-Christophe Blanchet)


Undisciplined and impertinent, Alexis O’Hara‘s work focuses on noise, humour and improvisation – an exploration of possibilities within predetermined conditions. Without wanting to be pleasant, she spends a lot of time thinking about the usefulness of her work. Queer, feminist and self-taught, she is committed to highlighting the potential of the accidental by seeking the poetry of clumsiness.

Alexis will present an excerpt from OUFF, an interdisciplinary thesis on the commodification of the young female body in the context of white supremacy. (photo. credits: Atom Cianfarani)


Alexandre St-Onge is an interdisciplinary artist, a sound performer and a musician/improviser (bass, voice and electronics). Doctor (PhD) in Arts Studies and Practices (UQÀM, 2015), he is fascinated by creativity as a pragmatic approach to the elusive. Alexandre published more than twenty works and founded squintfuckerpress with Christof Migone. He creates within collectives as well as with many artists: Simon Brown, Et Sans, K.A.N.N.T.N.N.A.G.A.A.N.O., Klaxon Gueule, L’Ensemble SuperMusique, Pink Saliva, Obsolete, mineminemine, Shalabi Effect, Les esprits frappeurs and undo among others. As a sound designer, he has worked with the media and interdisciplinary art company kondition pluriel as well as artists Marie Brassard, Karine Denault, Lynda Gaudreau, Line Nault, Jérémie Niel, Maryse Poulin and Mariko Tanabe.

L’Ô lu si de LÀ is a sound performance that explores the transformation of the performative body through its sound, textual and vocal mediations. Orality is omnipresent in this piece where performative actions reorganize in real time various texts that are vocalized to animate various occult objects or constitute the material of sound entities manifesting the invisible. (photo. credits: Alexandre and Charles St-Onge)

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