Round-table : Media images construction


Round table

22.10 — 22.10 / 2011


Meeting with the public on Saturday, October 22, 2011 at 2pm.

Jacko Restikian, artist and doctoral student in arts studies and practices at UQÀM.

Alexandre Shields, journalist at Le Devoir.

Moderator: Philippe Langlois, professor of philosophy at the Cégep de Sherbrooke.

Round table of 14h – 15h followed by questions / comments from the public

A round table activity inspired by Emanuel Licha’s How Do We Know What We Know? Licha’s installation questions our relationship to the media image and raises the question of the construction of images, particularly conflict images.

For the occasion, we bring together Jacko Restikian, doctoral student in arts studies and practices at UQÀM, who will discuss the artist’s position through his images and our relationship to his installation device, and Alexandre Shields, journalist for LeDevoir, who will discuss the construction of information from the perspective of his profession.

Free entrance

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By considering exhibitions as platforms allowing the convergence of different disciplinary issues, the programming committee determines a theme based on the work presented in the room, and brings together various stakeholders to explore the targeted issue from various disciplinary angles. Sporobole thus encourages contact with different fields of knowledge and allows the artists exposed to it to situate their work within transdisciplinary reflections.

Sporobole thanks the City of Sherbrooke for its support.

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Vidéo: Patric Lacasse