Artist talk / Frédéric Lavoie


FRÉDÉRIC LAVOIE // Québec Chasse et pêche, les années 70

15.02 — 15.02 / 2014

14h - 16h30

Québec Chasse et pêche, les années 70, Documents

Artist Frédéric Lavoie will talk about his work process and the ideas from his latest installation presented at Sporobole, Québec chasse et pêche, the first decade. We will present a documentary on the fishery produced in the 1970s, when F. Lavoie for his video piece, and philosopher Alain Létourneau from the University of Sherbrooke will join us for a conference:

Towards an iconographic decoding of our relationship with nature. Which ethical issues for which environmental actions?

This presentation aims to open an exchange with the participants based on the images gathered and (in a way) recreated by Frédéric Lavoie. The images redistributed into a rich and diversified videographic material are explicitly inserted in a perspective inspired by ethnography. At first glance, the staging of living nature through images and signs is at stake, in everyday or festive social places, and I will ask what readings of our relationship with nature can be read there. The session will also provide an opportunity to review the economic and socio-cultural context of the 1970s for a Quebec fishing enthusiast, through a film by Jean Chabot (NFB, 1975), which will be screened during the session. Based on these various works, it will be a question of revisiting many of the axes of our historical and cultural relations with nature. By characterizing the variable relationships to nature thus put into perspective, it will be a matter of initiating an environmental ethical reflection, which will take the form of questioning intentional and unintentional actions, taking into account as much as possible the strengths and weaknesses of our social organizations.

Professor of philosophy and applied ethics at the Université de Sherbrooke, Alain Létourneau is pursuing research in communications and environmental governance. His interests have included film, organizational communications and water governance issues, notably in Vers une gouvernance de l’eau au Québec, a book co-edited in 2008 and published by Multimondes, and also in L’universitaire et les médias: une collaboration risquée mais nécessaire, published in 2013 by Liber.

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Free admission:

14h00 Artist presentation by Frédéric Lavoie

14h30 Presentation of the documentary

15h30 Presentation by Alain Létourneau / discussions with the public.