Conference, open doors and concert


Jessica Auer, Valentin Durif and cie

20.11 — / 2014

Starting at 1 p.m.

Sporobole is proud to invite you to attend a day filled with activities : an open-door afternoon to artist-in-residence Valentin Durif’s studio-installation, a conference by Montreal artist Jessica Auer and an evening of performative concerts by Valentin Durif, Fred Dutertre, Tanya St-Pierre and Philippe-Aubert Gauthier. These events will take place at Sporobole, located at 74 Albert Street, Sherbrooke. Free admission.

Starting at 1 p.m., you are invited to visit sound artist Valentin Durif’s studio-installation who will be completing a two-month residency on November 23. Valentin is part of a Research and Creative Residencies in the Digital Arts which is made possible by an agreement between the CALQ and the Institut français.

Montreal artist Jessica Auer will offer a conference in the context of her exhibit A NEW WORLD, which is presented at Sporobole until December 14. Through the use of photography and video, Jessica Auer observes how humans go about altering and reinterpreting the landscape. Through these subtle observations, subjective perspectives are encouraged to take shape, calling attention to the ambiguities inherent in all documentary approaches.Referring directly to the European ‘discovery’ of North America, Jessica Auer draws from saga literature and archeology to examine this historical enigma. After spending several years following in the footsteps of the Viking explorers that first encountered the New World, the artist travels to Greenland where a team of Danish archeologists work on the restoration of the world’s best-preserved Norse ruins.

PERFORMATIVE CONCERT – starting at 8:30 p.m.
Utilising his sound installation, Valentin Durif will perform a solo piece, which will be followed by collaborative performances with artists Fred Dutertre, Tanya St-Pierre and Philippe-Aubert Gauthier.


Jessica Auer explores questions of the contemporary landscape by studying the historical and mythological quality of certain cultural sites. Agraduate of the master’s of fine arts (MFA) program at Concordia University, her work has been shown in Canada and the United States at venues such as the Newspace Center for Photography (Portland, Oregon), the Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montreal) and VU Photo (Quebec City). She is a recipient of the W.B. Bruce European Fine Art Travel Scholarship and has taken part in the program of studio-residencies offered by the CALQ at the Banff Centre in Alberta. Jessica Auer is co-founder of the Les Territoires gallery (Montreal) and teaches photography at Concordia University. She is represented by the Patrick Mikhail gallery (Ottawa).

The artist would like to thank Georg Nyegaard, Jacob Noe Bovin, Henrik Høier, Terryll Loffler and Andreas Rutkauskas for their generous collaboration and gratefully acknowledges the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for their financial support.

A musician, sound technician and computer programmer, Valentin Durif lives and works in Lyon, France. Informed by electronic and electroacoustic musics, his projects are part of the digital instrument-making movement. He develops and produces his own instruments or develops mechanical and digital strategies in order to play his compositions. Infused with a common timeless patina, his creations are presented as performative concerts (Émincé d’oreilles) or installations (Cliquetis). His music is influenced by electronica, noise rock or indus, with a more experimental sound art approach. Valentin Durif works under the name of GzzzT for part of his work and collaborates with the AADN Association in Lyon (arts and digital cultures) for which he has developed interactive systems (Les Hommes Debouts).

In the last fifteen years, Frédéric Duterte has been developing his experimental approach of sound poetry, vocals, drawings, performance, improvisation, sound installations, while integrating electronics in several medias in spaces such as simultaneous connections, illusions, suppressed desires, subtle conditioning, the infinitely large and the infinitely small… His vocal sound research extends the scope beyond the simple narration context, towards noise, minimalist electronics, or poetic experimentations venturing into unknown and abstract territories sometimes close to silence… or chaos. His current research focuses on hybrid sounds rooted in wilderness, pavement and the stench of a certain uncontrolled urban life. He is a member of the Electronic Music Foundation (EMF) in NewYork.

Born in Gatineau (Quebec, Canada), Tanya St-Pierre lives and works in Sherbrooke (Quebec). She completed a bachelor’s degree in arts plastiques from UQTR (Québec) in 1998. Since 2001, she has been producing visual and sound installations exploring new and possible relations between installations, digital images and narration, defeating and questioning modes of representation derived from archetypal and contradictory understandings of the world : scientific thinking versus mystical thinking. Recipient of research and creation grants (visual art and digital art) from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Tanya St-Pierre has presented her work in collective and solo exhibitions in Quebec, Ontario and in Mexico. Many projects were developed during artist residencies in the United States of America (Brooklyn, NY), in the province of Quebec (Quebec, Alma and Gatineau) and in Mexico. She is part of the performance duo NOÏZEFER CWU and has taken part in several collective events, within several contexts, in Quebec.

Born in Chicoutimi (Quebec, Canada), Philippe-Aubert Gauthier lives and works in Sherbrooke (Quebec). He is a self-taught sound artist, a mechanical engineer and Doctor in acoustics. His sound and digital artworks take on several shapes : performances, installations, generative or fixed composition. His artistic works are resolutely informed by this profile. In his multidisciplinary research, the artistic process and scientific or technological knowledge become the raw material from which to explore and search for an artistic and reflective outcome. This outcome is linked to social and cultural networks within the history of communication technologies, more specifically those reproducing and diffusing sound. Thus his curiosity of the influences on immediate and mediated listening. In 2007, P.-A. Gauthier won for best Science and Engineering Doctorate These at Université de Sherbrooke. P.-A. Gauthier has presented over forty artworks in Quebec and abroad, has published more than forty scientific articles and was awarded several grants in science and art.