Conference – sociologist Alain Deneault


Containers, flags of convenience and tax havens....

08.06 — 08.06 / 2012


Containers, flags of convenience and tax havens….

presentation by sociologist Alain Deneault entitled :

“More than 60% of maritime transport is now managed from free ports such as Panama, Liberia or the Marshall Islands. These laws of convenience invite shipowners everywhere to register their vessels at home by promising them not to apply any duties worthy of the name. Fleeing the tax authorities, underpaying their staff, depriving them of safety at work, neglecting ship maintenance and polluting the world’s main waterways is therefore now a common occurrence in this industry managed in these free ports, outlawed. The transport of goods emblematically represented by containers could not take place as massively as it does today without the maritime transport conditions that legislation of convenience offers at a discount. This is at the expense of the working class and the ecosystem. Thanks to this pressure on working conditions and this ecological disregard made possible, the phenomenon of company relocation becomes profitable. It pushes workers in the North into unemployment while reducing people in the South who find work in free trade zones to the role of convicts. The time has come to become aware of this phenomenon. “A.D.

Alain Deneault is a researcher at the Réseau pour la justice fiscale – Québec, author of Offshore, Paradis fiscaux et souveraineté criminelle (Écosociété 2010), Noir Canada, Pillage, corruption et criminalité en Afrique (Écosociété 2008) and Paul Martin et compagnies, Soixante thèses sur l’alégalité des paradis fiscaux (VLB 2004).


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Vidéo: Patric Lacasse

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